Opimal Safety guarantee

Flight safety is one of the most important areas within the company. In tight cooperation with you, the customer, we thoroughly analyse the business process and simultaneously develop a structured and systematic "Risk Management function" for even more safety in air traffic.

Incidents do not necessarily have to arise during flight. Our aspiration is, therefore to submit all members of staff to regular training covering all facets of job responsibility and to guarantee with it optimum safety in the air traffic of the company.

In our seminars we work through incorrect procedure handling thereby providing safety at the highest level. Our flight safety training takes place together with CRM training, so that we can guarantee a uniform level of education.

It is important to us to incorporate the whole company in the safety process.

According to the American saying:

"If you think Flight Safety is expensive, try an accident"

This is the most important factor that must be taken into account for the success of every business.

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