CRM - Tailor made for your company.

The goal of Crew Resource Management (CRM) is to prevent incidents from occurring on land or in flight. Through our training of flight personnel, the management and communication characteristics of each individual are trained and improved. No restrictions are made in regard to the crew. Each crew member is trained.

It is well-known today that most accidents are not caused by one error alone but is the result of several linked events (also known as "Chain of Errors") that usually lead to a tragic event. Here the Human factor is regarded as being of the greatest importance.

Unfortunately it is not sufficient to teach CRM only in short legally mandatory training courses. The topics are too complex and the subject of flight safety is too important for any company and in the long run also the customer.

Aspired by this, it is our CRM training that distinguishes us from the rest. By emphasising the subjects: crew coordination, team building, leadership, communication, feedback and conflict resolution in our highly qualified courses, we can actively influence the flight safety of your company. Above that, we especially plan and advise you on simulator and Line checks, based on your company tailored CRM training courses, in order to ensure an even greater level of safety than that legally stipulated.

CRM is an active tool for examining your internal communication procedures. Through the use of CRM the human Factor, which could contribute to an incident, is minimised. The achieved safety standards also serve the marketing of your company and increase your prospects for present and future business success.

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