Professional Screening makes the difference.

When selecting the correct candidates we always act economically. Each personnel decision in the cockpit represents a substantial investment and each wrong decision in crew selection costs a lot of money. Further more, wrong selection decisions lead to loss in confidence by the customer thereby effectively damaging the reputation of the enterprise. As a result, employees become unmotivated and in the long term take negative personal consequences. The readiness to perform drops and the enterprise may face subsequent costs due to sick leave and time absent.

Our business philosophy stands for value, which exclusively serves you, the customer. We actively, reliably and competently evaluate the employees that fit into your enterprise and into your team and which can achieve the greatest possible success for your company. Only good selection can prevent an employee from leaving again after just a few months - usually leading to high subsequent costs for the company as a result of flight training and simulator training.

More and more companies are trusting in the use of assessments and screenings because only this method can guarantee that the company is getting the most qualified employee possible. Today, Professional Recruitment Management forms the basis, within an ever decreasing allotted recruitment time, to find the best qualified candidate, who best fits the company.

In the process we create an additional increase in company value because your employees are highly motivated and therefore qualified performance can clearly increase.

To be able to ensure this, we invest a great amount of time in conducting personal discussions, aptitude tests with psychological analysis as well as mutual assessments. Here our professional screening makes the difference: Because it relieves you from this task and assures success for the company.

  • Uniform, adaptable selection
  • Exclusive screening- and evaluation techniques
  • Professional job applicant evaluation
  • Discrete assessment for all sensitive topics
  • Consideration of "team-chemistry"
  • Relief of the decision makers
  • Clear recommendations from experts

Those who come from Aviation Screening are pilots who can react correctly in exceptional situations.

However, before we can actively be of service to you, we first make a thorough analysis of your company. Only once we have precise knowledge of your specific requirements can we, with full responsibility, begin our selection process to cater for your demands. Here, meeting the applicants in a respectful and appropriate manor is of special importance to us.

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